Chronology of the Director

1943 — Born in San Francisco
1961 — As deck hand on Pacific Far East Lines freighter,
made the 1st of 12 visits to Japan
1968 — Completed Masters Degree at Cornell University
1969-1987 — Shukke ("leaving home"). Entering into religious life
with the communal Shugen Church of America and named Vimalakirti
1988 — Visited Hieizan (the Japanese holy mountain of the Tendai sect) for the first time, leading to a heart decision to follow the Tendai path
1991 — Became Gozen-sama's disciple and lived two months
at Gyokusho-In on Hieizan
1992 — Received tokudo (Tendai ordination) and the name
Keisho, living at Sekizan Zen-In in Kyoto for three months
1997-2002 — Served in the Tendai temples Sekizan and Choraku-In and
completed the shido kegyo, the training and license for the
performance of goma (the sacred fire offering meditation)
2003-2008 — Established a goma temple, a non-profit religious corporation,
and a monastery, all located 100 miles north of San Fransisco

Blog Posts of a Biographical Nature

A daily blog was posted for five months up until the end of April 2008, and it includes several short vignettes from the monastery director's spiritual life. Aside from those 17 blog posts, there is also an article written in 1994 for the Quiet Mountain site called One View of Tendai, and there is a magazine story written in 2002 and published in the Kyoto Journal #56 in 2004.

Date    Title
12/16    Cave Shrine
2/6    Visiting a Tea Master
3/8    Across the Wide Pacific
3/10    Mom and Pop
3/11    Jenny at Sekizan
3/12    Real Father and Adopted Father
3/14    2001
3/15    Choraku-In
3/23    The Lotus Sutra Was Written About Me
3/29    The Power of Love
3/30    Mountain Rescue Station
4/4    A Dream Narration
4/6    Gratitude
4/8    A Dream Interpretation
4/11    Guru Padmasambhava
4/18    Two Shrines
4/21    Raising a Wall

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