Temple Life: Life in the Brotherhood

The Training and Practice of Buddhism

From the monastery as a home base, we travel to the cities and towns for all kinds of Dharma activities. And life within the temple lands is full and rich with inspiration:

  • Singing and voicing the Dharma through liturgies and chanting
  • Preparing and performing a fire offering
  • Cultivating meditation of the two types: calming and insight
  • Periodically undertaking a 12 mile mantra/walk through backtrails of the mountain
  • Studying various religious writings, ancient and modern
  • Transforming one's karma under waterfalls and by prostrations
  • Fortnightly reciting the Bodhisattva Precepts, an ancient requirement
  • Making visitors welcome and comfortable
  • Participating in the usual work tasks of cleaning, washing, polishing, gardening, cooking, and temple maintenance
  • Mastering sutras, mantras, and dharanis
  • Prayers to keep in mind the welfare of the people and protection of the land
  • Following the bodhisattva path of giving and not taking
  • Striving to abide harmoniously and energetically
  • Generating inner fire for the destruction of obstacles
  • Honoring women though living apart

Chanting and Precepts

There is much chanting during nightly and morning services, and mostly it is in romanized Japanese (for those who don't know hiragana and katakana).

The chanting, directly as heard in Japan ("Thus have I heard …"), along with the precepts, are the two staples upon which are built the more complicated and difficult practices.

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