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How Remote Is It?

People who contact us for the first time have sometimes said that suspicions were aroused because they don't see a physical address and the phone number is not in phone books. Both are due only to the remoteness of the location.

The monastery is four miles south of the town of Cobb, population 1500 with a grocery store, motel, restaurant, and post office. The physical address (not the mailing address) is 18935 Ford Flat Road, and is on a section of the road gated by the geothermal power company Calpine. This means that first-time visitors will not be able to get here based on the address alone, but will need to make arrangements by email or phone.

There is good vehicular access, electrical power, and excellent water, but lacking the possibility of a phone line, we use cell phones and satellite-connected internet, which are not 100 percent reliable, especially during stormy weather. Nevertheless, visitors are welcome, and the day visiting hours are generally between 9AM and 4PM.
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