The Dedication Ceremony of Hoshu-In (Rakkei Shiki)
FOR THREE GREAT DAYS of inspiring events in April 2010, forty Tendai priests traveled to California from Japan, Europe, the East Coast, and Hawaii. At Berkeley we hosted an exhibition, demonstrations of calligraphy, and an academic symposium of scholars from the East and the West. And the Hoshu-in Goma-do at the monastery in Cobb was beneficiary of a high-spirited dedication ceremony, thanks to the Jigyodan of the Enryakuji on Mt. Hiei and to Monshin Naamon's Tendai Buddhist Institute of East Chatham, New York.
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April 23

Tendai priests, calligraphers, scholars and lay members from Japan gathered in Berkeley for a symposium on Tendai Studies and Art at the Institute of East Asian Studies in conjunction with the exhibition Writing the Infinite: Tendai Buddhist Calligraphy as the Bodhisattva Path which opened in April 2010.
Ven. Prof. Ichishima Shoshin

Exemplifying the scholars at the academic Symposium is Ven. Prof. Ichishima Shoshin, emeritus professor at Taisho University. He is also the 43rd descendent in a father/son lineage of abbots of Senzo-ji, a special complex of temples in the Tokyo-Chiba area that dates back to the 7th Century. This year too saw the publication of his work "The Essence of Buddhism," a study of the Sutra Samuccaya.
April 24

A dedication ceremony of the California Tendai Monastery at Cobb celebrated the new temple Hoshu-In.
Uehara Gyosho

Uehara Gyosho is the great Ajari of the 1000-day kaihogyo and a fellow-disciple of the Master Enami Kakusho. Gyosho-sama is known for the heart-piercing power of his kaji, or empowerment. This amazing event, which he performed after the goma shown here, is not permitted to be recorded or photographed.
April 25

Venerable Senkei Shibayama, world-renowned master of shodo and author of Saicho's Writing Style, performed a demonstration of dynamic calligraphy with the giant brush in Berkeley.
Ven. Shibayama Senkei

Ven. Shibayama Senkei is world renowned as a calligrapher and also known in Japan for his book Saicho's Writing Style as well as for collections of his own works. For this trip to America, exhibiting the generosity of a Buddhist priest, he produced and gave away many images of Buddhas and bodhisattvas, as well as offering calligraphy of a person's choice to all who lined up at his shows.
These three priests, the scholar, the ascetic and the artist, serve as abbots of temples in various places in Japan. Yet regardless of their great accomplishments, in all their interactions with us Westerners the friendliness and humility of these three and the other 20 priests visiting from Japan was very moving.

The photographs of the April 2010 events were taken by Ellis Schoichet, George Heath, Maria-Katrina Echon,
Ann Miller, and Jacob Halcomb.

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