Black Lives Matter

Tendai North America stands in solidarity and support with protesters demanding Black racial justice and an end to police brutality. The police as an institution is a reflection of society at large. All of our institutions must restructure to be equitable and free from oppressive policies. Black lives matter. We must be committed to anti-racism and social justice until our society and institutions reflect this reality. Skin color does not determine a person’s worth, and no one should be above the law. As Buddhists, we acknowledge that when one person suffers, we all suffer. Everyone has a stake in this movement. Rev. William Barber II has stated that “this is the second reconstruction”. We have the opportunity to make it work this time. Our actions and inactions create the future. May we act with Karuna (Compassion), Prajñā (Wisdom) and Upaya (Skillful Means) in this moment to build a future based on social fairness and integrity.

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