California Tendai History

In the early 2000’s, Rev. Keisho VK Leary purchased 160 acres on Cobb Mountain, then built a temple and the other buildings that would become the California Tendai Monastery. In 2015, Rev. Leary passed away unexpectedly. Just a few months later the Valley Fire destroyed the temple, buildings, and ravaged the land. We are rebuilding!

Now, with the arrival of Rev. Junshin Chris Nettles, PhD and Rev. Jiko MacArthur-Clarke, MD to South Lake County, California Tendai is rebuilding under a Village Temple Model.

Tendai Practices

Tendai Buddhism offers an extremely wide variety of practices tailored to the needs of the individual. Some examples include:

◆ Shikan meditation (shamatha-vipassana)
◆ Pure Land practices and devotion
◆ Recitation of sutras, dharanis, and mantras
◆ Sacred calligraphy
◆ Interfaith work
◆ Environmental stewardship
◆ Sutra study
◆ Mandala visualizations
◆ Walking and hiking meditations