• Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 10:00 AM
    Middletown Sangha in Middletown, CA

    Introduction To Tendai

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    This workshop will introduce you to the history and basic tenets of Tendai Buddhism. Including:

        ◆  Developing your own daily practice

        ◆  Shikan meditation (shamatha-vipassana)

        ◆  Recitation of sutras, dharinis, and mantras

        ◆  Sacred calligraphy

        ◆  Interfaith work

        ◆  Environmental stewardship

        ◆  Sutra study

        ◆  Mandala visualizations

        ◆  Walking and hiking meditations

        ◆  Pure Land practices and devotion

      **Suggested donation $20. No one refused for inability to pay.

    ***Breakfast will be provided. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share for lunch.